Rachel Jackson
Women's Studies

LL.M. degree in Public Service Law,
Global Public Service Law Project, NYU School of Law

NYU School of Law has created the first-ever LL.M. degree in Public Service Law as part of the Global Public Service Law Project. This is a one year masters program for lawyers who will have at least two years of post-graduate public service work experience upon arrival. At least ten scholars will be non-U.S. citizens or permanent residents and will receive a full tuition waiver, travel, and stipend. United States citizens and permanent residents are not eligible for a Global Public Service Scholarship, but they may be considered for partial scholarships on a case by case basis. Scholars choose an area of specialization from the following: political and civil rights; social justice and economic rights; criminal justice; international public service law and practice; or institutional, practical, and managerial issues in public interest law practice.

The Project aims not only to provide a first-rate theoretical education to the 10-15 Global Public Service Scholars who visit NYU each year, but also to practically assist them in their difficult and often groundbreaking work making change in the legal structure and wider culture of their societies. This practical approach is woven into the Project by structuring the curricular and extra-curricular work to allow the student-lawyers to learn from each other and to trade practical strategies across borders, and by sponsoring the Global Public Service Fellowship Program, which supports graduates to work for up to one year at a law-related public interest organization of their choosing upon graduation. Through the Global Public Service Law Project, NYU hopes that it can, in a small but powerful way, help local activist lawyers in their work, while also feeding the emerging phenomenon of cross-border public interest lawyering.

The Global Public Service Law Project's website is http://www.law.nyu.edu/programs/globalpublicservice/.
The general e-mail for the project is law.gpslp@nyu.edu.

Global Public Service Law Project
NYU School of Law
110 W. Third Street, Second Floor
New York, NY 10012
(212)998-6428 (tel.)
(212)995-4529 (fax)

Location: NY


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