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2003 NEWW Board of Directors Elections- Nomination Solicitation

Nomination Solicitation Information

Summary of Information

Nominations Due: November 14, 2003
Send to: ebarclay@neww.org with "Nominations" in subject line.
Voice-mail nominations can be made to (202) 299-9001, mailbox 1.
Nominations Posted: November 21, 2003
Voting period: November 21- December 19, 2003
Next Board meeting: March 2003, New York

Detailed Information

NEWW is now accepting nominations for the 2003 NEWW Board of Director's elections. The Board of Directors is the governing body of NEWW.

Participation in the nominating process and elections for the 2003 Board are open to all NEWW members. If you are not yet a member of NEWW, please complete our membership sign up form located on NEWW-Polska's web page (http://www.neww.org.pl) and send your membership dues, when applicable, to the Washington, D.C. NEWW office prior to voting.

Over the last eleven years, NEWW has grown into a large network of feminist activists and organizations in the US and the CEE/NIS. NEWW's mission is to support the growth of grassroots women's movements in the CEE/NIS through educational and informational exchanges, dialogue, and networking.

2002 and 2003 projects included the NEWW Legal Fellowship Program and the Economic and Social Policy Fellowship Program, the Gender Policy Conference, NEWW On-line, the Book and Journal Project, and informal consultations and support to women's organizations throughout the CEE/NIS region. NEWW works closely with members of the international donor community, governmental and intra-governmental organizations and other non-profits focused on women's issues in the CEE/NIS.

NEWW's Board of Directors is comprised of 17 members, with 2/3 of its members from CEE/NIS and 1/3 from the U.S. NEWW's board is a mix of elected and appointed members. 10 members are elected by the current NEWW membership and 7 are appointed by the newly elected Board.

We are asking all NEWW members to submit names of those women whom you would like to nominate to the NEWW Board by November 14, 2003. This is an opportunity to bring your representatives into the decision-making process of our organization.

Nominations should be sent to Erin Barclay at ebarclay@neww.org. In the subject line, please type "Nominations" - this will allow us to separate Board nominations from general email. You may make up to five nominations. Please include contact information and a one-paragraph bio and one other reference for each nominee in your email.

Five positions on NEWW's Board are open. The following current Board members can be re-nominated to serve another three-year term on NEWW's Board. If not reelected these Board members will rotate off:

1. Xheraldina Vula (Kosova)
2. Sonia Jeffe Robins (USA)
3. Rebecca Sewall(USA)
4. Galina Venediktova (US/Russia)
5. Genoveva Tisheva (Bulgaria)

Continuing NEWW Board Members include:

1. Elena Mashkova (Russia)
2. Sanja Sarnavka (Croatia)
3. Liuda Mazur (Belarus)
4. Irena Gross (US/Poland)
5. Mariam Chamberlain (US)
6. Olha Harasymiv (Ukraine)
7. Ann Snitow (US)
8. Joanna Regulska (US/Poland)
9. Isabel Marcus (US)
10. Delina Fico (US/Albania)
11. Elmira Shishkaraeva (Kyrgyzstan)
12. Agnieszka Grzybek (Poland)

This year NEWW's Board will add 4 women from CEE/NIS and 1 woman from the US.

Executive Directors of NEWW (Erin Barclay) and NEWW-Polska (Gosia Tarasiewicz) serve ex-officio on NEWW's Board.

There will be no pre-selection of nominees, rather the election will be open to everyone who is nominated and who accepts the nomination. Self-nominations are also acceptable.

Job Description for NEWW Board Members

Responsible to: Board Chair

3 year term with a possible second 3 year term. After two consecutive 3-year terms the Board member must rotate off the Board for 1 year before being reelected.


. Feminist
. Commitment to the mission, principles, goals and programs of NEWW.
. Breadth of understanding and tolerance of viewpoint of others.
. Respected member of the women's movement in her country or/and in the CEE/NIS region.
. Knowledge of NEWW substantive areas such as women's human rights, economic and social policy, gender studies.
. Experience in fundraising, accounting, media outreach and/or public relations, nonprofit management, international co-operation
. Public visibility

Specific Duties:

. Attendance at the Board meetings. NEWW Board members are expected to meet twice a year to make planning and policy decisions, to work actively on NEWW projects, and review and approve NEWW financial statements and reports. It is the Board's policy that if a Board member misses two consecutive Board meetings, the Board member should discuss with the Board what her on-going involvement with the Board will be, including whether she will resign from the Board, taking into consideration the member's other activities in NEWW.
. Presently, NEWW's projects consist of the Legal Fellowship Program, the Women's Human Rights Training Institute, the Economic and Social Policy Fellowship Program, the Gender Policy Conference, the Book and Journal Project, and NEWW On Line.
. Participate actively in at least one Board Committee.
. NEWW Board members are requested to cover the costs of their participation in Board meetings, when possible.
. Board members are expected to represent NEWW in their communities and to the public at large through speaking on behalf of NEWW, disseminating NEWW organizational and project information, participating in conferences and events on behalf of NEWW. They should keep NEWW Executive Director informed about occasion when they speak and participate in conferences on behalf of NEWW.
. Board members are expected to work, together with NEWW Legal and Economic Justice Fellows, in enlarging and developing NEWW membership, by reaching out to potential members in the region and particularly in their home country, distributing NEWW PR and other materials, and keeping the membership informed about NEWW current activities.
. Fundraise for NEWW projects when possible, including making financial and in-kind contributions to NEWW, reviewing project proposals, helping organize fundraising events, going to meetings with donors with the Executive Director.
. Employ, assist and monitor the Executive Director.

Board members can expect to spend at least 5 hours per month on NEWW business. Board meetings will be held twice a year, once in the U.S. and once in CEE/NIS. Board meetings generally last two weekend days.

Thank you in advance for participating in the 2003 NEWW Board elections.

NEWW Nominations and Elections Task Force


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