The  Women's Museum: An Institute for the Future in Dallas, Texas, is

  organizing a traveling loan exhibition to commemorate the 25th

  anniversary of the First National Women's Conference, held in Houston,

  Texas in November, 1977. The exhibition will open in Dallas in

  mid-November, 2002, travel to Houston and then complete its tour in

  Washington, D.C.


They are searching for the following information and materials:

          1.  Photographs, films and artifacts associated with the 56

  state and territorial meetings that preceeded the conference.

          2.  Photographs, film and artifacts associated with the

  Houston Conference.

          3.  Contact information about original attendees who would be

  willing to provide brief oral

                  histories to be incorporated into the exhibit  films.


  Please contact:


  Curator-  Ms. Conover Hunt


                 903-935-4517 f.