FEMINIST STUDIES announces that it plans to offer its graduate student prize, the Feminist Studies Award, on a yearly basis.

The Feminist Studies Award will honor the best essay submitted throughout the year to the journal by a graduate student. With this prize, we aim both to encourage and learn from a new generation of feminist scholars.

Feminist Studies invites graduate students researching any aspect of feminist scholarship to submit papers that would be of interest to our interdisciplinary audience. All papers written by graduate students during the previous year will be judged by the editorial board who will announce the winner(s) in January. The winner will have her/his essay published in Feminist Studies and will be awarded a prize of $500.00.

The submission guidelines are the following: the paper should be a maximum of 35 double-spaced pages (including footnotes); please send three copies and an abstract. In the cover letter, the applicant must indicate clearly that she/he wants to be considered for the Feminist Studies Award and must identify her or his graduate affiliation by school, department, and expected date of completion.