Rachel Jackson
Women's Studies
The Centre for International Health Studies runs Masters Degree programmes in Social Development and Health, International Health and Population and Reproductive Health.

Our short course programmes for 2002-2003 include modules in

* Project Design and Management
* Participatory Appraisal & Evaluation
* Gender Health and Development
* Populations and Reproductive Health
* Policy and Practice in Complex Emergencies
* Psychosocial Intervention with War Affected Populations, Displaced
Persons and Refugees

to enable individuals to put together a personal programme of study related to their professional development needs in the specific areas of Conflict & Health and Sexual & Reproductive Health. The details are at http://www.qmuc.ac.uk/cihs/cihs_srt.htm

For those interested in in the use of IT in social development, we also offer an independent study module where you can access expertise and relevant modules in other departments in Queen Margaret University College. Topics include:

* Health Informatics
* Information Management
* Web Content Management

Details are available at
* Media and Cultural studies
* Details are available at http://www.qmuc.ac.uk/mcs/

For further details please contact Lynne Fraser at LFraser@qmuc.ac.uk


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